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Meet Zizi

Zizi Zinnona is a burlesque artist and producer based in the Netherlands. Her performances are characterized by her keen sense of humor, dramatic flair, unconventional music choices and voluptuous body. Her custom blend of politics and playfulness, feminism and froufrou, comedy and curves makes her one of the Netherlands' most beloved performers. Zizi produces the Dutch Burlesque Festival and the show Pussy Grabs Back at Amsterdam Fringe Festival 2019. 


Notable performances include:

- Amsterdam Fringe Festival 

- Bavarian Burlesque Festival, Germany

- Berlin Burlesque Week, Germany 

- Berlin Burlesque Festival, Germany

- Bohemian Burlesque Festival Prague, Czech Republic

- Bratislava Burlesque at Bohema, Slovakia

- Bristol Burlesque Festival, United Kingdom

- Burlypicks the Netherlands

- Carnivale Festival, The Hague

- Croatian Burlesque and Cabaret Festival

- Ferrara Burlesque Festival, Italy

- Film by the Sea FilmBoekenBal, Vlissingen 

- Glasgow Festival of Burlesque, United Kingdom

- Hamburg Burlesque Festival, Germany

- Nasty Women Exhibition, Alkmaar

- Oslo Burlesque Festival, Norway

- Showman's Fair, Utrecht

- Stockholm Burlesque Festival, Sweden 

- Strasbourg Burlesque Festival, France

- Stuttgart Burlesque Festival, Germany

- Superwomen Bodensee Burlesque, Germany

- Subculture Cabaret, Amsterdam 

- The Poetry Brothel, Utrecht

- Vienna Boylesque Festival, Austria

For an overview of upcoming performances, see here

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Current Performances


‘Instagram’s Worst Nightmare’ is an act about censorship of female bodies on social media. It is a shameless celebration of the chest, a bold boobie bash, an udder delight, an unabashed breast banquet full of mammary merriment… and a massive fuck you to Instagram and Facebook! 


Picture by Michael Potts

For decades, the grand ideal of Europe and the EU was glorious. It promised peace and prosperity; it was the cradle of Western culture. Recently, this idyllic idea has started to crack with Brexit showing the ugly side of the European utopia. This act describes both the glory days and the disintegration of the grand ideal of Europe.  

Picture by Sophie Vos 

Angela Merkel is on stage doing her world famous ‘Wir Schaffen Das’ speech, arguing for a better solution to the refugee crisis in Europe. Suddenly, her speech is intersected by loud music. The German Chancellor slowly transforms into the sexual animal and bad-ass superhero she secretly is…


Picture by Verena Gremmer

Feminists have been fighting for social change since the beginning of the previous century. Zizi Zinnona transforms from a suffragette to a 1970's feminist to a fourth-wave Beyonce character. But then: 'I simply grab them by the pussy'. Will she be trumped  by Donald Trump?


Picture by Michael Potts

An ode to the female body. Zizi Zinnona is a fictive creature of endless curves, copious curves.  The richly eloquent fashion in which she negotiates her stunning voluptuousness simply speaks volumes. Layers of language are slowly peeled off, and so are her clothes... This literary burlesque act is in Dutch. 


Picture by Peter Drehmanns


Read Zizi: in the Media

  • Zizi on the political importance of burlesque to the Netherlands' biggest newspaper 'Telegraaf'. Most memorable quote: "I want to change the world by shaking my boobs!"

  • Zizi was part of a series of portraits and stories about women with tiny waists for LINDA Magazine in June 2018. She speaks about her love for corsets and  bodypositivity.

  • Zizi was interviewed for Nieuwe Revu in June 2018 about neo-burlesque and what motivated her to get on stage herself. She talks about the importance of  artistic freedom.

  • Zizi was interviewed about slutshaming, sex education and sexpositivism for Broadly Magazine in March 2018. She reflects on her performance 'Trump and the Feminists'. 

  • In October 2017, Zizi was featured in an article in the Easyjet Traveller Inflight Magazine (readership 7.5 million) about the new faces of political burlesque  in Berlin. 


Over the years, Zizi has developed her own unique kind of political burlesque. In the workshop Grab ‘m By The Pussy: using your anger to make awesome political burlesque she shares her experience in creating these acts and provides a road map for everyone to create an act about the things that make them angry in the world.  

Picture by Sophie Vos Photography


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Zizi Zinnona can be booked for parties, festivals, events and photo shoots. Full acts as well as walk-around performances and custom shows are possible. Get in touch to find out more!

Video footage of all acts is available upon request at zizi.zinnona@gmail.com. 

© 2020 by Zizi Zinnona

Act 'Instagram's Worst Nightmare'

Picture by Michael Potts