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Grab ‘m by the pussy: using your anger to make awesome political burlesque

There is SO much to be angry about in today’s society. As performers, we are in the unique position to share our anger with the world. The personal is political, and in burlesque even more so.

In this workshop, you’ll find out how many different kinds of political burlesque there are. We will be analyzing some of your favorite political burlesque acts. Based on that you will receive a roadmap to figure out how to go about creating an awesome performance about the things that make you fucking angry!

About this workshop

With a Bachelor's degree in Theatre Studies & Political Science and a Master's Degree in Gender Studies, it is no coincidence that Zizi Zinnona ended up making burlesque performances with a strong political message. It has taken her to some of the best festivals and stages in Europe.


In this workshop, she shares her experiences in creating acts with a political undertone. After a short history of burlesque as a way to criticize society, a number of acts are analyzed with the workshop group. With the help of a special work sheet, you will brainstorm and develop your own act ideas. By the end of the two hours, you will go away inspired, energized and ready to make awesome political burlesque! 

Overview of the workshop

1. History of political burlesque
2. Looking at acts and analyzing them 
3. The pitfalls of political burlesque
4. The ingredient list of a political burlesque act
5. To work!

Duration: 90 or 120 minutes

Language of instruction: English or Dutch

Audience: open for everyone

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