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PONY, or: be careful what you wish for

The act ‘PONY, or: be careful what you wish for’ is a reverse striptease. It plays with the expectations of female sexuality, and distorts them to a disturbing degree. The sexy 90s song ‘Pony’ by Ginuwine was the inspiration for this act. The singer says he wants to ride his girl like a pony, but you always have to be careful what you wish for…

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Anarchy in the Eu

For decades, the grand ideal of Europe and the EU was glorious. It promised peace and prosperity; it was the cradle of Western culture. Recently, this idyllic idea has started to crack with Brexit showing the ugly side of the European utopia. This act describes both the glory days and the disintegration of the grand ideal of Europe.

Instagram's Worst nightmare

‘Instagram’s Worst Nightmare’ is an act about censorship of female bodies on social media. It is a shameless celebration of the chest, a bold boobie bash, an udder delight, an unabashed breast banquet full of mammary merriment… and a massive fuck you to Instagram and Facebook! 

Trump and the feminists

Feminists have been fighting for social change since the beginning of the previous century. Zizi Zinnona transforms from a suffragette to a 1970's feminist to a fourth-wave Beyonce character. But then: 'I simply grab them by the pussy'. Will she be trumped  by Donald Trump?

Ode to Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel is on stage doing her world famous ‘Wir Schaffen Das’ speech, arguing for a better solution to the refugee crisis in Europe. Suddenly, her speech is intersected by loud music. The German Chancellor slowly transforms into the sexual animal and bad-ass superhero she secretly is…

Literary Burlesque

An ode to the female body. Zizi Zinnona is a fictive creature of endless curves, copious curves.  The richly eloquent fashion in which she negotiates her stunning voluptuousness simply speaks volumes. Layers of language are slowly peeled off, and so are her clothes... This literary burlesque act is in Dutch. 

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