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Trump and the


Zizi Zinnona by Mario Hectors

Feminists have been fighting for social change since the beginning of the previous century. Zizi Zinnona transforms from a suffragette to a 1970's feminist to a fourth-wave Beyonce character. But then: 'I simply grab them by the pussy'. Will she be trumped  by Donald Trump?


- Sister Suffragette by Glynis Johns
- I Am Woman by Helen Reddy
- Run the World (Girls) by Beyonce

This act was selected for Ferrara Burlesque Festival 2018, Showman's Fair Utrecht 2018, Stockholm Burlesque Festival 2019, Amsterdam Fringe Festival 2019, Super Women show at Bodensee Burlesque 2019, Geneva Burlesque Festival 2020.  

Video available upon request by e-mailing

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