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Ode to

Angela Merkel

Zizi Zinnona by Mario Hectors

Angela Merkel is on stage doing her world famous ‘Wir Schaffen Das’ speech, arguing for a better solution to the refugee crisis in Europe.


Suddenly, her speech is intersected by loud music. The German Chancellor slowly transforms into the sexual animal and bad-ass superhero she secretly is…


- 'Wir Schaffen Das' by Angela Merkel, taped at the Bundespressekonferenz in July 2016.

- 'Boys Wanna Be Her' by Peaches. 

This act was selected for Vienna Boylesque Festival 2018, Hamburg Burlesque Festival 2018, Bavarian Burlesque Festival 2018, Glasgow Burlesque Festival 2018, Oslo Burlesque Festival 2017, Berlin Burlesque Week 2017, Berlin Burlesque Festival 2017, Bristol Burlesque Festival 2017. 

Video available upon request by e-mailing

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